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Support & resources to help you move forward.



free/affordable Diabetes Medication & Testing Supplies

Liss Pharmacy Our Foundation’s partner in providing emergency medication assistance to New Jersey residents- top notch customer service and staff to help you get prescriptions at an affordable rate in and around Newark, NJ

ShopRite FREE Diabetes Generic Oral Medication Program, Low cost Diabetes testing supplies via Arkray Glucocard products

Stop and Shop - Target/CVS - Walgreens Diabetes Generic Oral Medication $9.99 for 90 days.

BD Syringe Assistance Program For those seeking assistance paying for BD syringes

Arkray Providing low cost testing supplies via their ReliOn brand at WalMart and their Glucocard Vital brand at ShopRite and other retail pharmacies

ReliOn Brand/WalMart Affordable Blood Sugar Testing Supplies, Insulin, Syringes, Pen Needles and more

NeedyMeds Patient financial assistance programs and coupons for all medication needs

Rx4NJ New Jersey Prescription Assistance – Access patient assistance programs to qualify for free, or nearly free, prescription medicines

Together RX Access Gain access to immediate savings on prescription products and connect to resources about coverage options

Insulin & injectable medication Assistance

Need Help Paying For Novolog, Novolin or Levemir insulin? Novo Nordisk Patient Assistance Application

Need Help Paying For Lantus, Toujeo or Apidra insulin? Sanofi US Patient Assistance Application

Need Help Paying For Humalog or Humulin insulin, or Trulicity medication? Lilly Patient Assistance Application

Did you know that WalMart carries their own generic version of Novolin insulin for less than $30 per vial? Contact your closest WalMart store for details 

Can't get to WalMart? You can get Novolin at $25 at over 67,000 local pharmacies nationwide.

Full List of Patient Assistance Programs For Oral : Injectable Medication/Insulin

Local New Jersey Resources

NeedyMeds Health Center Finder Free/affordable/sliding-scale health centers for the uninsured and underinsured (Note: Many offer highly discounted prescriptions)

Camp Nejeda- For Children with Diabetes Daytime and sleep away camp options

ShopRite Free in-store Dietitian/Nutrition Counseling services

Garden State Association of Diabetes Educators Find a Certified Diabetes Educator in New Jersey

National Links

National Diabetes Information Clearinghouse

National Diabetes Information Clearinghouse – En Español

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

American Diabetes Association Resources and mailing list for those living with diabetes

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Resources for children and families affected by diabetes

American Association of Diabetes Educators- Learn how a Certified Diabetes Educator can help you meet your Diabetes management goals

Additional Diabetes Education & support Resources

Cornerstones4Care Novo Nordisk diabetes education materials, online tools, and free email/phone consults with a Certified Diabetes Educator

BD  Access a diabetes learning center

Merck Engage Merck resource for health information and diabetes management tools

CDE Help Team Sanofi diabetes education online, with advice from Certified Diabetes Educators

dLife for your Diabetes Life! News, information, and blogs

Learning About Diabetes Easy to read handouts in English and en Español for patients/healthcare professionals

Diabetes Daily News, recipes, and valuable tips for daily management

Diabetes Forecast The healthy living magazine

Diabetes Sisters Educational, supportive blog and support group listing for women nationwide

Islets of Hope Useful information and financial assistance for people with diabetes

Diabetes Alert Dog Alliance Service dogs for children and adults with diabetes